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Reports are 100% voluntary: only share what you are willing to share. We’re HIPAA Compliant, Which Means Everything You Share Is Confidential.

Higher Recovery Chances

We helps Law Enforcement across multiple jurisdictions to link multiple reports of the same scam, improving funds recovery chances.

Having Issues With Brokers Or CryptoScams?

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Whether it’s a cryptocurrency scam, a broker scam, a forex scam, or another kind of fraud, we look into the most recent frauds and assist you in finding solutions.
The most prevalent types of cybercrime are cryptocurrency and bitcoin frauds. Even though tens of thousands of people are still the targets of numerous classic, low-tech scams each year, the number of victims of cryptocurrency fraud is rising.

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    Tax Fee Request

    If your broker is violating the terms and conditions, overcharging fees, or refusing to withdraw your funds, we provide assistance throughout the broker complaint procedure.

    Withdrawal Complaint

    One sign of a questionable broker is when they refuse to allow withdrawals or impose excessive fees for doing so. If you encounter this, you have the option to file a complaint through ReportScamTrading in order to request the release of your funds.

    Trading Site Vanishes

    ReportScamTrading connects individuals with experts who can assist in locating fraudulent brokers and facilitating the process of recovering stolen funds. These professionals are skilled at identifying brokers who engage in unethical practices and disappear with clients' money.

    Financial Advice

    If you have been deceived, for example, by investment fraud or scams related to currency and cryptocurrencies, we conduct a comprehensive examination of your situation.
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    If you have fallen victim to fraudsters and have suffered financial loss, reach out to us immediately. We are committed to assisting you in recovering your lost funds.